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Proposal to give Legislature final say on state K-12 education policies dies in Senate | Education

The full West Virginia Senate, by the time the regular legislative session ended Saturday night, never took action on a proposed constitutional amendment that would have let lawmakers amend and reject state Board of Education policies.

Among other things, the state school board’s policies set what students must learn, how they can be disciplined, what specifically is required to become a teacher, and how charter schools are regulated.

Had the full Legislature passed House Joint Resolution 1, the proposed state constitutional amendment would have been put on the ballot in an upcoming election. If approved by voters, the Legislature would

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Cardona’s Decision to Grant D.C. Testing Waiver Rankles Education Officials | Education News

Students in Washington, D.C., will not have to take end-of-year exams, the Education Department said this week, granting the nation’s capital a blanket waiver to opt out of the federally mandated tests for the current school year.

But the decision to approve a testing waiver for the District of Columbia has drawn the ire of education officials in other states, including Georgia, New York and South Carolina, who submitted similar waivers seeking exemptions from annual assessments – all of which have been denied.

The decision, outlined in a letter sent to District of Columbia Public Schools officials on Wednesday, cites

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Education Department reviewing campus sex assault rules

The Education Department on Tuesday moved forward with plans to revise federal rules around campus sexual assault, paving the way for an overhaul of a polarizing Trump-era policy that President Joe Biden has vowed to reverse.

In a letter to the nation’s colleges and schools, the department said it will formally begin the process to amend federal rules around Title IX, the federal law that forbids sexual discrimination in education. The department is planning a public hearing on the issue and afterward will issue official notice that the rules are under review.

Biden called for a broad review of sexual

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Better education ‘doesn’t lead to greater job satisfaction’

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Gen Z On The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of Sustainable Fashion

When they’re not embroiled in a heated discussion about skinny jeans and side partings, Gen Z is known for leading the charge against some of the most pressing matters of our time. From political corruption to social justice, they’ve proven that they’re more than just a TikTok-obsessed, woke generation and are well-informed of real-life issues – the biggest being climate change. The rise of groups like Extinction Rebellion and the increase in social media advocacy for environmentalism has opened Gen Z up to a

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Letters to the Editor – Three cheers for Education Lab stories, the vaccine rollout, Denton County vaccine staff

1 Education Lab stories — I should have written this sooner. Thank you for your Education Lab stories. As a grandmother of 6-, 9- and 14-year-old children, I am learning much about school policies, education, structure and the input of the Legislature and governor’s office. The story on school funding really caught my attention. Keep up the good work. Even grandmas need schooling.

Nancy C. Mack, Carrollton

2 The vaccine rollout — I keep reading comments about how poorly run the vaccine rollout is. In one year, we went from a never-before-seen pandemic to a vaccine. There are millions upon

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