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Largest U.S. education union is ‘demanding that the federal government act’

As U.S. schools reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic the largest educators union in America is calling for Congress to approve critically-needed funding as soon as possible.

“What school district put in their budget, the funds for plexiglass?… [or] funds to have masks and change them on a regular basis?” asked Becky Pringle, the newly-elected president of the National Education Association (NEA). “No one did that.”

Pringle added that the NEA is “demanding that the federal government act, and act now — we are tired of waiting for [Mitch] McConnell to do his job, we’re tired of waiting for leadership from

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Why it’s wrong to label students ‘at-risk’

<span class="caption">The term "at-risk" is frequently used to describe students from challenging circumstances. Some educators are working to change that.</span> <span class="attribution"><a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Diego Cervo/">Diego Cervo/</a></span>
The term “at-risk” is frequently used to describe students from challenging circumstances. Some educators are working to change that. Diego Cervo/

Of all the terms used to describe students who don’t perform well in traditional educational settings, few are used as frequently– or as casually – as the term “at-risk.”

The term is regularly used in federal and state education policy discussions, as well as popular news articles and specialty trade journals. It is often applied to large groups of students with little regard for the stigmatizing effect that it can have on students.

As education researcher Gloria Ladson-Billings once

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Pottstown SD, Career And Tech Center Get Education Relief Grants

POTTSTOWN, PA — Pottstown School District and the Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center will receive nearly $200,ooo in state Education Relief grants.

State Rep. Joe Ciresi (D-Montgomery) announced the grants for his district Friday.

Western Montgomery Career and Technology Center received a grant of $72,294 . The money is to assist in the resumption and continuation of operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Continuing of Education Equity Grant (CEEG) of $123,605 was awarded to Pottstown School District.

Based in Royersford, WMCTC is one of many career and technology center in Pennsylvania to receive a share of the approximately $10.5

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‘The More I Found Out, the More Horrified I Was’

“Insecure” star and creator Issa Rae says she had to learn more about the Trump family than she ever wanted to for HBO’s upcoming quarantine comedy “Coastal Elite,” in which she plays a philanthropist who runs in the same circles as Ivanka Trump.

“For me, this is kind of an education because I do try to avoid as much of the Trump family as possible. And Ivanka, in particular, I’ve always found fascinating — but not fascinating enough to listen to,” Rae said during Wednesday’s virtual CTAM panel promoting “Coastal Elites.”

“So it took a lot to research,” she added,

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What are ‘learning pods’? Parents seek options as pandemic complicates school year

Pandemic pods. Microschools. Quaranteams.

These are just a few of the terms used to describe the latest effort by American families to navigate their children’s education this fall as the coronavirus pandemic complicates the school year.

The concept involves kids at or around the same education level gathering in person in small groups led or supervised by volunteer parents, hired teachers or nannies. Ideas on education bubbles sprouted when many school districts announced they will return virtually without reopening campuses.

The ultimate goal? To ensure children receive their education with the socialization necessary for proper development and learning while maintaining

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