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School in Jamaica bans dreadlocks, high court agrees

The school and the Virgo family have been fighting this battle for the past two years.

This Friday, Jamaica’s high court said that Kensington Primary School was well within its rights to require a 5-year-old to cut off her dreadlocks before attending classes.

Kensington Primary told Sherine and Dale Virgo that their daughter would have to cut her hair for hygiene reasons.

The school, which is located just outside of Kingston, has rules that explicitly ban dreadlocks. The Ministry of Education also issued guidelines that state all hairstyles must be “neat.”

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Ten Candidates Run For Three Seats

MIDDLETOWN, NJ — There are three seats up for election this fall on the Middletown Board of Education, and ten candidates running for them.

The candidates are:

  • Robin Stella (currently on the board, vice president, running to keep her seat)

  • Nicholas A. DiFranco (currently on the board, running to keep his seat)

  • Pamela Rogers (currently on the board, president, running to keep her seat)

  • Raymond Jankowski

  • Kelly Brodin

  • Pam Smith

  • Patricia Reed

  • Jacqueline Tobacco

  • Frank Capone

  • Harmony B. Heffernan

The Middetown school board election will be Nov. 3, the same day as the U.S. presidential election.

The past several years

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Hugh Jackman Lands Acting Emmy Nom For ‘Bad Education’ After Being Recognized For Oscar & Tony Hosting Gigs

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Hugh Jackman has been nominated for an Emmy 4x before, in fact he won in his first go-round in 2005 for his hosting duties on the 58th Annual Tony Awards, but today this morning was truly bliss. Finally, the Logan and Les Miserable Oscar nominee, was appreciated for his acting turn as real-life corrupt Roslyn, NY superintendent Frank Tassone in the HBO movie Bad Education; a feature the network scooped up out of last year’s TIFF for close to $20M.

“I was shocked to get that Emmy for hosting, but this means

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‘I’m scared. I want to do my job, but I don’t want to die.’

As Illinois school districts release their reopening plans for the fall, the Tribune asked teachers, social workers and other school staff this question: What are your concerns about the upcoming school year?

Here’s what they said. Responses have been edited for space and clarity.

“I work in the Little Village area, which got hit really hard with COVID-19 because the parents are essential workers. … These families suffered greatly due to the symptoms of the illness, COVID-19-related deaths in the family, loss of income, and the inability to pay bills/rent. Most did not qualify for unemployment due to immigration status.

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BK Parents Search For School Year Plans

BROOKLYN, NY — Parents asked by the city to decide by Aug. 7 whether to send their kids back for in-person classes this fall say they still don’t have enough information to make that call, two weeks before the deadline.

Hundreds of parents tuned in Thursday for a Town Hall in Brooklyn’s District 15 to ask education officials about plans for the upcoming school year, when families will either send kids to class one to three days a week with coronavirus safety measures or keep them at home for full-time remote learning.

But a resounding theme of the two-hour meeting

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