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RCCC offering solutions for students wanting to jumpstart their college education – Salisbury Post

SALISBURY – As many new and returning college students wrestle with decisions about higher education, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College abounds with opportunities for students whose goal is to earn a four-year degree.

The college has hundreds of courses that transfer into the University of North Carolina’s 16 universities and dozens of independent (private) colleges and universities. Rowan-Cabarrus offers quality online classes and degrees, as well as individualized transfer advising support to help students every step of the way. Many of these online degrees are fully transferable, and Rowan-Cabarrus has staff members who are dedicated solely to working with transfer students and

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Commentary: Education’s unprecedented present may forecast future problems

As we approach the end of a year in which the COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented upheaval to education, and as schools lurch backward and forward and back again in varying stages of reopening their campuses, parents are understandably worried about the future.

They wonder about the long-term impact of all the disruption, and if their children will suffer lasting harm.

The answer: Yes. No. It depends.

Now that I’ve cleared that up for you, I will amend the above to state categorically that no one can predict with anything approaching precision how the long-range effects on students will manifest. Although

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Children should be taught to be ‘proud’ of the country’s past, Education Secretary says

Children should be taught to be “proud” of the country’s past, the Education Secretary has said. He added that the curriculum should also be “reflective” of Britain’s multicultural society.

Gavin Williamson said he is “incredibly interested” in looking at the school history curriculum and making sure it appeals to pupils from ethnic minorities.

“It is really important that the history taught in schools looks at the rich diversity and tapestry that has made our nation so great, and the important role that people from all backgrounds have played in our history,” he told The Telegraph. “We have always got to

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Goodbye, Betsy: Speculation Increases Over The Next Education Secretary

Democrats in the education world are ready to say goodbye to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, but divides within the party about who should replace her fall along familiar lines.

On one side, labor leaders like Randi Weingarten and Lily Eskelsen García are garnering attention. On the other, leaders and stakeholders who have historically clashed with labor are pushing district superintendents with experience overseeing major systems containing both traditional public schools and nonunionized charter schools. Tim Shriver, chairman of the board of the Special Olympics and a member of the Kennedy family, has also made clear to the Biden team that

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Leslie Odom Jr. discusses importance of arts education in schools

Leslie Odom Jr. said having an arts education has helped him become a better person, and that it benefits young people planning on pursuing more than just entertainment-based careers.

“My arts education has made me a more empathetic person and has nurtured my natural curiosity about humanity and the human condition,” Odom said during the virtual Arthur Miller Foundation Honors gala on Monday. “If you know a little something about storytelling — how to reach people, how to connect with people — those things can be useful for the things you’re going to do in this world and be in

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