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Edmonds: Legislature fails on education again | Guest Column

As usual, the Wyoming Legislature has adjourned without doing much to stabilize education funding in the Cowboy State. They may have tried with House Bill 173, but as is so often the case with critical budget reforms, the House of Representatives and the Senate couldn’t come to an agreement.

And so, our decades-long education funding boondoggle remains in place, eating up funds better directed elsewhere.

Sure, it’s hard to make hard decisions in the face of a $300 million shortfall, but our local education establishment has proven it would rather sue the state for more funding in place of considering

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Kansas ZIP code should not be destiny when it comes to financial education


Research that will be released later this month from Dr. Carly Urban at Montana State University finds that only one-third of students in Kansas attend a school where they are guaranteed to take a personal finance course.

Kansas ZIP codes 67056 and 67420 have it. But 67547 and 66106 don’t. Then there’s 66439, which is about to get it.

The state has more have nots than haves when it comes to guaranteeing personal finance education before a high school student crosses that graduation stage.

We shouldn’t let ZIP code be destiny when it comes to this critically important subject. Here

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The problem with Holocaust education

Despite all this education, what the Claims Conference survey revealed was “a worrying lack of basic Holocaust knowledge.” Sixty-three percent of millennials and Gen Z-ers did not know that 6 million Jews were murdered by Nazi Germany. When asked if they could name any of the more than 40,000 concentration camps, ghettos, or extermination sites into which Jews were forced, 48 percent were unable to identify even one. More than 1 in 5 (22 percent) could not be sure that they “have definitely heard about the Holocaust.”

Holocaust education may have grown pervasive, but Holocaust ignorance remains as widespread as

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Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education approves resolution for legal action against State Board of Ed

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education unanimously approved a resolution supporting legal action against the Oklahoma State Board of Education.

The OKCPS Board voted 7-0 in approval of a resolution supporting litigation against the State Board of Education.

OKCPS is calling on the State Board of Education to meet and rescind its March 25 vote to equally distribute property tax dollars among public and charter schools, including virtual schools like Epic Charter Schools.

The State Board of Education voted to

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Sean Hannity Says Undocumented Children Should Be Denied Education

Fox News personality Sean Hannity suggested Wednesday that undocumented migrant children should be denied an education in the U.S. because they had “broken the law.”

Hannity was speaking to Jim Desmond, supervisor for District 5 in San Diego County, California, about teachers being given the option to teach unaccompanied migrant children in person.

Desmond argued that American children that should also be given the opportunity for a return to in-person classrooms. Reopening schools is currently a major issue, particularly among Republican critics of President Joe Biden.

“I’m trying to understand this. It’s illegal to enter this country. If you enter

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