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Miguel Cardona: College student Dreamers eligible for emergency grants

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona is announcing Tuesday that “Dreamers” are eligible for emergency grants for college students in COVID-19 relief bills, reversing the Trump administration policy that enforced the federal ban on giving most taxpayer benefits to immigrants who are in the country illegally.

“The pandemic didn’t discriminate against students,” Mr. Cardona told reporters in a conference-call briefing about the new policy.

Pressed by reporters about the legality of his decision, Mr. Cardona said he considers all students to be eligible, including those who are noncitizens.

Similar to previous coronavirus relief packages passed by Congress last year, the $1.9 trillion

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Equal education for our children [letter] | Letters To The Editor

One of the most important things we do together through government is provide quality education for our children. Our state’s current approach is neither fair nor equitable.

Currently, funding for education starts with property taxes in local districts. That is supplemented with state funding. This allocation formula leads to significantly different levels of funding in different districts, amounting to thousands of dollars per student. Districts with high property values get more and those with lower values get less.

State funds are intended to balance the discrepancy. But the gap is further exacerbated by what I view as racial discrimination in

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Citing parental rights, O.C. Board of Education weighs in against nonexistent vaccine mandates

As Orange County wrestles with vaccine hesitancy, the county’s Board of Education on Wednesday night approved a statement against mandatory vaccinations and a resolution against digital vaccine passports.

The board voted 4-1 in favor of each, with the only dissenting votes coming from board member Rebecca Gomez, who serves Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, portions of Garden Grove and portions of Tustin.

“The Board stands side-by-side with Orange County residents against mandatory vaccinations, particularly of school-age children,” the board’s statement reads. “The Board has repeatedly proven itself to be a strong supporter of parental rights and vehemently condemns and opposes any

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UNWTO, IE University, Sommet Education partner to accelerate Online Education

The World Tourism Organization, in keeping with its firm commitment to democratizing online education; IE University, with more than 20 years’ experience in online training, and Sommet Education, global leader in higher education in hotel management and culinary arts are partnering to accelerate on-line education in the Hospitality sector. The worldwide group thus becomes Academic Partner of the Tourism Online Academy, incorporating courses on various expertise of tourism management and hospitality. The first course available from Sommet Education will be “Excellence in Spa Operations”, and new courses focused on hotel management will be included in the following months.

The Tourism

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Tyson Smith: Here are 3 ways COVID can be a catalyst for more effective K-12 education

School closures caused by COVID-19 have presented a variety of challenges for teachers and families, but they have also sped up the arrival of a technology-enriched “future of education.”

This year’s near-universal adoption of technology for teaching will impact education in a positive way. For instance, learning will become more competency-based (tailored learning to meet different abilities), and education will mirror the modern workplace by encouraging virtual collaboration.

All of this will mean that educators’ roles shift from lecturer to more mentor and facilitator—a transition that has been underway for years but has accelerated this year.

Here are three ways

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