Annissa Essaibi George releases education and child care plan for Boston mayoral run

Mayoral candidate Annissa Essaibi-George is rolling out a sprawling education and child care plan, as the former Boston Public Schools teacher says she’s the candidate with the “experience and knowledge and track record” to fix a wide range of issues.

The chair of the City Council’s Education Committee — who is also a BPS graduate and BPS parent — told the Herald Monday that closing the achievement gap is a top priority.

“We need a consistent set of curriculum standards across all schools,” Essaibi-George said, adding that approach would help “reduce disparities between schools and ensure every school is providing high-quality academics.”

Her plan also calls for establishing equitable baseline standards and resources in every school.

She said it’s essential that every school is “equipped with the baseline services and resources kids need to succeed,” including appropriate staffing ratios for nurses, school psychologists and other workers.

Her plan would create a budget for BPS that “provides equitable funding across our schools.” She added: “We have a lot of work to do, but I have the experience and knowledge and track record to do it.”

There has been a renewed call to elect Boston School Committee members in the last year, but Essaibi-George’s plan calls for an appointed board. However, she said the city should change the way it nominates members, and include both the mayor and city council in the process.

The mayoral appointees would represent important education stakeholders, her plan says, and the City Council appointees would serve as At-Large members and get selected through a public nomination process.

Her plan also calls for a voting student seat on the Boston School Committee, with a stipend.

When it comes to the city’s exams schools, Essaibi-George said she supports continuing to have an entrance exam for the three schools. But the test must change to “more accurately reflect our students’ current curriculum,” her plan says.

“All our students must have an equal opportunity to succeed, especially in our City’s exam schools,” her plan states. “Many of our Black and brown students have already been let down by our education system by the time they take the exam.”

Her plan calls for providing every sixth and eighth grade BPS student the opportunity to take the exam in class.

In the plan, Essaibi-George is also promising to offer universal child care and early education to all children in Boston ages 0 to 5 through state and community partnerships, city investment, federal block grants, social impact bonds, private providers and development funds.

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