Month: March 2021

American Public Education Stock Shows Every Sign Of Being Fairly Valued


Big Oil’s Secret World of Trading

(Bloomberg Markets) — It was a bleak moment for the oil industry. U.S. shale companies were failing by the dozen. Petrostates were on the brink of bankruptcy. Texas roughnecks and Kuwaiti princes alike had watched helplessly for months as the commodity that was their lifeblood tumbled to prices that had until recently seemed unthinkable. Below $50 a barrel, then below $40, then below $30.But inside the central London headquarters of one of the world’s largest oil companies, there was an air of calm. It was January 2016. Bob Dudley had been at the

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Portland Adult Education expands job training for new Mainers

Vienna Dunn on Saturday outside the Bath Savings Institution in Yarmouth, where she began working almost a month ago. She took part in a second training program for foreign-trained professionals aspiring to enter the financial services industry as bank tellers through Portland Adult Education. Dunn, who is originally from China, is a single mother of two who went to school during the day and worked as a waitress at night. Brianna Soukup/Staff Photographer

Vienna Dunn was nervous to quit her job in the restaurant industry to pursue a bank teller training program through Portland Adult Education, but she knew it

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TAL Education Group Stock Gives Every Indication Of Being Modestly Undervalued

– By GF Value

The stock of TAL Education Group (NYSE:TAL, 30-year Financials) gives every indication of being modestly undervalued, according to GuruFocus Value calculation. GuruFocus Value is GuruFocus’ estimate of the fair value at which the stock should be traded. It is calculated based on the historical multiples that the stock has traded at, the past business growth and analyst estimates of future business performance. If the price of a stock is significantly above the GF Value Line, it is overvalued and its future return is likely to be poor. On the other hand, if it is significantly below

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Minnesota’s new education commissioner says safe, in-person learning remains top goal

Heather Mueller’s first assignment as Minnesota’s top education official will be a big one: steering the state’s more than 500 public districts and charter schools through the end of this pandemic school year.

But it’s a role Mueller, currently the state’s deputy education commissioner, already knows well. Mueller has been the department’s point person on the COVID-19 pandemic from the beginning. She’s met regularly with other state leaders and navigated a sea of competing pressures from parents, business leaders, teachers unions, politicians and others with strong opinions about whether school buildings should be open in the pandemic.

Now, the longtime

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Does Biden’s $1 billion in canceled student loans set the stage for mass debt forgiveness?

Around 72,000 borrowers caught a break last week: The U.S. Department of Education announced it will forgive student loan debt for students who attended colleges that used deceptive or predatory practices. That wipes out around $1 billion in debt held by borrowers who attended now defunct for-profit colleges like [hotlink]ITT[/hotlink] Technical Institute and Corinthian Colleges.

During the final years of the Barack Obama presidency, the Department of Education tried to wipe out that debt, however, the Donald Trump administration limited the scope of the forgiveness. The decision announced last week is a reversal back to the Obama-era policy of granting

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