Month: December 2020

The Story of Lady Abala Bose, an Indian Feminist Who Spent Her Life Empowering Young Girls and Widows

Abala Bose might be famously known as the daughter of Brahmo reformer Durga Mohan Das, and wife of Indian scientist Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, but there’s a lot more to know about her life. A fierce feminist, she was a staunch supporter of many causes, including education for women and the better treatment of widows in Indian society.

Although her father was a prominent figure, her mother Brahmamoyee almost finds no mention, even though she championed the cause for upliftment of young widows, who struggled with social oppression. She went out of her way to provide them with education and

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Trump’s School-Choice Relief – WSJ

A school bus in Brooklyn.


jeenah moon/Reuters

Democrats hate vouchers so much that they restricted states from using education funds in the $900 billion Covid relief bill to help struggling families during the pandemic send their kids to private schools. All the more credit to President


for opening the door for at least some school-choice relief.

The Covid-19 relief bill sets aside $2.75 billion for private K-12 schools on top of some $54.3 billion for public schools. The catch is that none of the

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What are the latest level 4 restrictions?

Will schools close?

All secondary schools and further education colleges in Wales transitioned to online classes on Monday December 14.

A number of counties also closed primary schools early, including Cardiff and Swansea.

Mark Drakeford had initially been committed to keeping schools open for as long as possible, urging parents to continue sending their children until the end of term. On Nov 27,  Mr Drakeford said, “It is important for our children not to miss out further.”

“Parents will know just how important this period the end of term is, especially in primary schools. Children benefit from being with their

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Back to (private) school? Trump executive order empowers families amid COVID-19 pandemic, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says

In her final weeks as U.S. education secretary, Betsy DeVos may have found a way to send more federal money to private and religious schools during the COVID-19 pandemic – a goal that’s eluded the billionaire school choice proponent during her tenure.

According to an executive order issued Monday by President Donald Trump, low-income families without access to in-person learning in their schools could use federal funds to attend private or religious schools offering in-person classes.

Disadvantaged families could use the “emergency learning scholarships” to pay for home-schooling expenses, to join a private learning pod or to purchase special education

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos: Stop indoctrinating students with insidious anti-American lies

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted pretty much everything about our lives. That’s especially and devastatingly true for the education of America’s students. 

Too many young students today are falling behind during their formative years of learning either due to unevenly applied or generally ineffective “hybrid” learning models, or due to their schools being closed altogether.

 Parents are also increasingly more aware of what

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